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Welcome to my Blog entitled, ”Connecting with the Dignitaries.”
In the “Connecting Dignitaries Column”, my  blog posts will focus and feature connecting with the dignitaries.
 In the ” Doc Afshan’s Tribute” I will be offering my tribute to some of my favorite people who have left for their Heavenly abode.
In ” Doc Afshan’s Journal” I will be writing about topics that relate to either science, technology, art and culture, business or trade.
If science, technology, art and culture, business and trade are your quest and delight, then this is the Blog for you to pay a visit!
I am so happy to give you this news. I received Presidential Medal for Volunteerism. I want to thank President Trump for giving me this honor. Also, I want to thank Doc Crosslin and Doc Jacques Eaves for nominating me
through their TV show at Fox 5 Plus Life stories with Doc Crosslin. In these videos you will further see the details. 
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